Movement of the Month

Movement of the Month is a project started by Hannah using our collection archive. Beginning with the Renaissance and moving right through up to Contemporary and Mixed Media works, she takes pieces from various eras and examines them on our blog and our Instagram account; @WhitworthArt.  So for more, look out for posts tagged with #MovementOfTheMonth and #WhitworthMoTM!


In this first part of the Movement of the Month series, Hannah kicks things off with the Renaissance!


Hang on to your coattails! In part two of the Movement of the Month series, Hannah takes the reader on a whistle-stop tour of the Baroque. Find out the answer to that all-important question; which art movement is the Star Trek of the art world and which movement is the equivalent of Star Wars?


What’s the deal with Romanticism and what did it have to do with the Industrial Revolution? Find out in part three of Movement of the Month!


Explore the origins of Impressionism and the social history surrounding it in part four of Movement of the Month!

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