Wonder what the Visitor Team and volunteers get up to when they’re not saying hello to all of you lovely people on the gallery floor? Find out here.

Audio Description: Listen to audio descriptions of artworks from the collection of the Whitworth, The University of Manchester.

#WhitworthAdvent: An annual online advent calendar comprised of contributions from the Visitor Team and Whitworth Volunteers as we get into the festive spirit each December.

Whitworth Invents: a programme designed to inspire innovation, creativity and make art useful.

Movement of the Month: Beginning with the Renaissance and moving right through up to Contemporary and Mixed Media works, Hannah takes pieces from various eras and examines them on our blog and our Instagram account @whitworthart

Colour Our Collections: Here you’ll find colouring sheets for all ages- and all created from pieces in our collections! Each colouring sheet was created by a member of the Visitor Team carefully hand tracing an image of a piece from our collections. You can download a free pdf. version of each sheet and find out about the process of turning each piece into a colouring sheet- as well as read about the history behind the original artwork .