Whitworth Invents

Whitworth Invents is a programme that was designed to inspire innovation, creativity and make art useful. We invited creative minds to participate in fortnightly challenges between February and May 2021. This programme ran during the second national lockdown and encouraged people all of backgrounds to participate, wherever they were.   

Our winning Whitworth Inventors were chosen based on their innovation, imagination and interpretation of making art useful and will be displayed in a video installation in the gallery’s School of Creativity.  

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Challenge 1: Take something useless and turn it into something useful.

Winner: Alice Xiaofan Hong – Student of BSc International Disaster Management and Humanitarian Response.  

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Challenge 2: Make a piece that celebrates the coming of spring.    

Winner: Serena Begum – Student of Science.   

Challenge 3: We all see the world differently, what do you see outside your window?  

Winner: Xingchen Guo – Student of Linguistics   

Challenge 4: Send us pictures of how you have reinvented your work/study spaces at home.   

Winner: Lynne Arnison – Artist 

Challenge 5: Turn your food leftovers into edible works of art. 

Winner: Serena Begum – Student of Science 

Feeling inspired? Whitworth Invents will be returning in October 2021 inviting more creative minds to ‘make art useful’ with a chance to be displayed in the School of Creativity. You will be able to participate on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. There will also be the option to send in submissions to us via email. We look forward to seeing your submissions!