#WhitworthAdvent: If I Think of Christmas

Image: Georgina von Etzdorf for Georgina von Etzdorf (company), Many Moons, silk twill handkerchief. C.1996. Source: the Whitworth

If I think of Christmas, sometimes I think of Eid.

Cause Christmas is mostly like ‘Eid for me except solar-ly. 

Eid is set according to the lunar cycle. But I’ll always

spend it with family each time. But not the same family turn out each year. 

Maybe the moon isn’t as consistent as the sun. Like my family. But Christmas

is always in December. It’s always (usually) cold. Eid’s in all

seasons. A different consistency then. Like how 29 Feb isn’t every year. How I

forget to take the day off sometimes, expecting it’s already off.

There will be a point when an Eid and Christmas will coincide and then I will not have 

a minefield to navigate. There are two Eids for every Christmas. Two times

the clock can strike. But before that happens 

Ill book a few days off from work from where Eid may decide to land.

And if the dates are wrong Eid lasts three days so hopefully one day matches.
But yes when I think of Christmas, I think of Eid.


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