#WhitworthAdvent: DIY Trendy Marbled Gift Wrap

Marbling is something I remember having fun with at school but instead of inks or paints I thought it would be a fun way to use up some of my old nail polishes. It’s a cheaper alternative to buying a load of Christmas gift wrap. I spent zero on this project! 

I found an old baking tray I wasn’t bothered about, deep enough to fill with water, then I poured in a few drops of each nail colour. Swirl with a cocktail stick (or a similar pointed item) until you have a pattern you like – you should act pretty quickly as the nail polishes will start to create a film.

Place a piece of A4 paper in the water and then very gently press to ensure it soaks up the nail polish pattern. Peel it back from the water and place face up so it can dry. Once fully dry you’re ready to wrap your gifts with your trendy marbled gift wrap!


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