#WhitworthAdvent: Crispy White Chocolate Snowballs

I enjoy baking but seldom have the patience for it, especially during the already hectic holiday season. This year I wanted to make some tasty festive treats with minimal mess and preparation time. I settled on making a festive twist on a treat that we usually associate with Easter in the UK; chocolate rice crispy cakes, without the topping of Cadbury’s mini eggs of course- there are none to be had at this time of year anyway!

Instead, I swapped the milk chocolate for white chocolate to make some crispy ‘snowballs’, decorated with some holiday cake decorations for an extra festive touch.

You will need:

  • Rice Krispies or a supermarket own brand equivalent.
  • White chocolate. You can use cooking chocolate if you want to but I just used two large Milky Bars.
  • A heat-resistant mixing bowl.
  • A mixing spoon.
  • Greaseproof paper
  • Cake decorations. I used some little snowflakes and silver ball decorations.
  • A pan.

Step One

Line a baking tray with a sheet of greaseproof paper and prepare a pan full of water.

Step Two:

Break your chocolate into small pieces and place it into the mixing bowl.

Step Three:

Bring the pan of water to a simmer and place the mixing bowl over it.

Move the chocolate around to make sure each piece starts to melt and stir carefully to ensure it has all melted.

Step Four:

Once you are sure all of the chocolate has melted, start adding the Rice Krispies. Make sure they are completely covered in melted chocolate.

Step Five:

Once the Rice Krispies are coated in melted chocolate, start to dish out small piles of them onto the baking tray.

Try to mould them into a round shape. I used an ice cream scoop and a tablespoon to do this with mine, although once they had set some were admittedly much more of a rough snowball shape than others.

You’ll have to be quick because it won’t take long for the chocolate to start setting!

Step Six:

Sprinkle some of your cake decorations on to your crispy ‘snowballs’ before the chocolate has set.

Step Seven:

Leave the ‘snowballs’ to set. Once the chocolate has set and they are dry, pop them in suitable container to keep them fresh.



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