A Gallery: How It Looks

Go behind the scenes with Urussa and explore the in-between state of gallery spaces during an exhibition installation period.

Using these pictures I took I explore both the look of a gallery being made-up, where the light and shadows and colour make beautiful contrasts. And also, specifically, how the Althea McNish exhibition is being built-up. So, there are some captions which remark on how a photo looks lovely and square-y and some photos which talk on the process of building an exhibition.

0306 – Lots of squares. The beginning of photographing the build-up of the Althea McNish: Colour is Mine exhibition. The walls are already painted a pretty pretty pink. The amount of squares: long, oblong, twee, tiny. The pink ombres in some directions or harshly outlining in other squares.

0316 – The ceiling square lights here are really vivid and beautiful. The lower half of the photo looks like a sunset. The squares are also more subtle in the lower half here.

0330- The shadow of what looks like a fan is potentially equipment to saw wood. When making a new exhibition, the design team make cabinets or shelves bespoke so heavy equipment is sitting quietly when not in use

0354 – These colourful square hold tools the team use to do all the practical design aspect of making. New gallery space. The mouse on top is to differentiate from a very similar looking toolbox but with a different figure on top.

0394 – The larger space to the right of the Althea McNish exhibition, before any of the pieces have been put in place.

A different view. Another square!

A perspective of the gallery where The Batchelor Girl’s Room is. The wall has a lovely square in square look.

Behind the square in a square, more squares! Here you can see the gigantic stairs tool from a different angle as well as a glimpse of unpainted wall.

A close up of the ceiling which has vents to control the light and air coming into the gallery; a really important aspect of conservation for pieces which are being exhibited.

Another look on.

A look to the middle galley again. I really like the lighting here.

Rolls of fabric which eventually went on display.

The square paintings showing Althea’s varied contributions to different sectors, with the right-hand piece a design for an airport logo.

Pieces from another gallery ventured into the Althea exhibition.

A cabinet in the process of being made.

What I like here is how the clear lines from the walls create the framing here. Lots of squares!

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