#WhitworthAdvent: Snowflake Christmas Coasters

Add some festive charm to your table décor this holiday season with these DIY snowflake coasters – perfect for showcasing those snazzy Christmas cocktails!  Quick and easy to make, all you need is a glue gun, a pair of scissors and white pipe cleaners… 

  • First cut 3 identical lengths of pipe cleaner for the base of the snowflake, 10cm should be about right
  • Next cut 6 shorter lengths measuring 5cm
  • Then cut another 6 lengths but even shorter still (ideally around 3cm)
  • Arrange your 3 longest pieces of pipe cleaner into a star shape and, using the hot glue gun, glue them in place at the centre
  •  Bend all of the smaller pieces into a ‘V’ shape 
  • Glue the 6 smallest pieces onto each end of the star to create your snowflake design and the other 6 closer to the centre.

I varied my coasters with some having less pieces.  You can also vary the lengths of the pipe cleaner to create different designs, after all every snowflake is unique! – Lucy

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