#WhitworthAdvent: Make Your Own Delicious Mulled Wine!

Follow my easy recipe to make your own delicious mulled wine!


– Red wine or non-alcoholic equivalent.

– 1 Lemon

– 1 Orange

– 8 cloves

– 2 cinnamon sticks

– Honey


– Pour the required amount of wine into a pan.

– Slice a lemon in half. Grate a small amount of lemon zest into the pan, before juicing half the lemon and adding it.

– Slice an orange in half. Juice one half and add to the pan. Take the cloves and push them into the remaining slice.

– Add the clove infused orange slice to the mixture. 

– Add two cinnamon sticks.

– Add some honey to sweeten.

– Stir and simmer gently for 20 mins until the wine is hot, but not boiling.

– Leave to cool for 5 minutes, before serving. 

Enjoy the fruits of your labour and try not to get too merry! – Matthew

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