#WhitworthAdvent 2021

Fun and Games: Upcycled Game Pieces
Sweet Memories: Coconut Icing
Christmas Kitties
Carols and Colly Birds
Snowflake Christmas Coasters
Whimsical Animal Decorations
Hot Toddy to Keep You Warm and Cosy!
Winter Light: A Poem
The Noble Stag: Herald of Winter
Chocolate Inspired Candy Canes
Starry Night: Beaded Stars
Miss Pilkington’s Turkey
Curios and Keepsakes: Make Your Own Miniature Museum Case
‘Twas Mine Own Heart That Told Me So: Making Lavender Hearts
A History of Holly
Ghost Stories At Christmas: Winter and the Supernatural
Elves At Work!
Out Of This World: Ancient Astronomy
A Doppelgänger and Dürer
Aspiration vs Reality
Autumn to Winter: A Poem
Cut the Waste: Create Your Own Custom Crackers!
Snow Days
A Festive Message From Alistair Hudson