#WhitworthAdvent 2022

It’s that time of year again! Here you’ll find the entries for this year’s #WhitworthAdvent calendar. Scroll down and click on the numbered tiles for all manner of festive fun!

Make Your Own Fabric Bookmarks.

A simple craft project and gift idea you can take with you and sew on the go. Slip one into a card as a standalone gift or add one to a hamper as a nice handmade addition to a larger gift.

Festive Wishes from the Dance Floor!

Ash helps you get your groove on and talks about his hopes for the season.

Make Your Own Delicious Mulled Wine!

Matthew’s easy mulled wine recipe: delicious and guaranteed to help keep you warm this festive season!

Very Easy, No Glue Tree Decorations!

More time to eat mince pies, less time cleaning glue off the carpet with Sue’s easy tree decoration tutorial!

Have Yourself a Preloved Christmas: Rescue Stuffies.

Find out how you can make the holidays extra special for someone with the help of rescue stuffies. Plus: follow the free crochet pattern and tutorial to make a cute crochet collar for your gift!

Possets, Riots, Presidents: A Brief History of Eggnog

Ever been curious about eggnog and why it has become one of the more well-known holiday drinks in the US? Bria takes you an a journey through the history of eggnog to quell your curiosity.

Simple But Chic: No Fuss, DIY Adjustable Necklaces.

Do you want to try your hand at creating a handmade gift but just don’t have the time or the will to stitch or bake anything? This easy method of creating a necklace is a lifesaver for adding a last-minute, personal touch to a gift with minimal fuss.

Simple Pop Up Christmas Cards!

More stuff to do this festive season because you’re not busy enough already! Follow Sue’s easy tutorial to make some simple but fun pop up cards!

If I Think of Christmas.

What does your mind conjure up when you think of Christmas? Enjoy a piece of festive creative writing by Urussa in today’s #WhitworthAdvent entry!