The Beauty of Charcoal Part 1: Dave takes a closer look at the history of charcoal, and gathers willow sticks from Whitworth Park that will be used to make his own charcoal.

The Beauty of Charcoal Part 2: Dave continues his look into charcoal by firing the willow branches he gathered in Whitworth park and leading a workshop with the team.

The Useful and The Beautiful: Darning and Repair. Debra takes closer look at darning, and how repairing and reusing textiles is not only good for the environment, but has a myriad of other benefits.

Indian Ink: A Rich, Dark Concoction. Dave explores the origins of Indian ink and takes our audience through a workshop in which we made our own ink drawings.

Relax! Making Soothing Bath Salts. Steph shows you how to make your own bath salts using just a few ingredients. Perfect as gifts or as a treat for yourself!

Sew Easy! Making Reusable Makeup Wipes. Steph shows you a quick and easy way of making your own reusable wipes. You can use up that fabric you bought a while ago and haven’t touched or use an old item of clothing and help reduce waste!

Sustainable Regrowth: Spring Onions. Jason guides us through propagating spring onions, which you can do in the comfort of your own home, using supermarket bought cut-offs.

In Mint Condition. Jason teaches us how to propagate our own mint from a cutting and we find out just why we find mint so refreshing!

The Benefits of Eating Seasonally. Jason tells us about the benefits of seasonal eating and where to look for a tasty, late summer treat during our foraging adventures!

Mindful Weaving. Debra shares her method of weaving on a cardboard loom.

#WhiworthAdvent: Festive Crafts. Back in December 2020 under the gloom of another gallery closure and Tier 3 Covid-19 restrictions in Manchester, we decided to make the most of a blue Christmas for many and try to stir up some festive spirit. Here are the craft tutorials from the very first incarnation of #WhitworthAdvent. From air dry clay decorations to mulled wine, we hope you’ll find something to get you crafting through the winter months!

Slap My Ox Up, It’s Pomegranate Season Again!  Sue explores the significance of the pomegranate in many cultures and its significance for Epiphany, with a rather delicious way to start off the New Year and beat the January Blues…Why not have a culinary epiphany of your own?

Sashiko: Simple Japanese Stitching. Steph looks at the beauty, origins and uses of sashiko, a simple and relaxing form of embroidery. Why not have a go yourself?

#WhitworthAdvent: Fun and Games: Upcycled Game Pieces. Kicking off #WhitworthAdvent 2021, Steph shows you how to transform old game pieces into festive decorations.

#WhitworthAdvent: Sweet Memories. Rebecca takes a delicious walk down memory lane and recommends a tasty recipe for coconut icing. Have a look at how hers turned out!

#WhitworthAdvent: Snowflake Christmas Coasters. Lucy teaches you a cheap and easy way to add some festive charm to your table décor.

#WhitworthAdvent: Whimsical Animal Decorations. Steph shows you how to breathe new life into old plastic animal toys and turn them into whimsical decorations.

#WhitworthAdvent: Hot Toddy to Keep You Warm and Cosy! Matthew’s mouth-watering recipe for an alcoholic and non-alcoholic hot toddy to keep you warm on cold winter nights.

#WhitworthAdvent: Chocolate Inspired Candy Canes. Jason’s recipe for a cheeky festive treat for all you chocoholics out there.

#WhitworthAdvent: Starry Night: Beaded Stars. Vicky teaches you how to make beautiful star-shaped accessories and decorations to help you and your home shimmer during the festive season.

#WhitworthAdvent: Curios and Keepsakes: Make Your Own Miniature Keepsakes. Why not keep the curios you (or you little ones!) collect safe and use them to create a personalised miniature museum case? Steph shows you how in in this tutorial.

#WhitworthAdvent: ‘Twas Mine Own Heart That Told Me So: Making Lavender Hearts. Steph shows you how to make a gift that will keep things smelling fresh and add a lovely rustic touch to the home.

#WhitworthAdvent: Cut The Waste: Create Your Own Custom Crackers! Fed up with buying pricey shop-bought crackers? Tired of the same worn-out Christmas jokes that seem to make less sense with every year? Done with the tacky cracker gifts that never see it through to the end of the day? Harvey shows you how to do away with all of this by creating your own custom crackers.